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Student Residence Munich. For internships, master's thesis and studies: www.studentenwohnheime-muc.de


How does it all actually work?

We manage 4 student residences in the best - central - locations in Munich. We rent exclusively in the context of education. Especially for interns, graduates and trainees... This means that we also try to help with short-term needs. Because: On the free housing market it is difficult to find a temporary rental contract for a few months. And hotels are usually too expensive.

And this is how it works...

The reservation:

The reservation itself is relatively simple. Rooms and flats can be reserved online 80 days before the desired move-in date. Why only 80 days in advance? Quite simply so that current tenants are more flexible. Because up to 80 days before your rental end date, existing tenants can extend their contract relatively easily or move out early.

What can I do to have better chances?

We encourage political engagement. Therefore, all students with a German passport who are members of one of the parties CSU, CDU, SPD, FDP, JU, Juso, Junge Liberale (Young Liberals). can book 60 minutes before everyone else. That doesn't sound like much, but it's an immense advantage. So consider becoming a member quickly. In order to take advantage of this advantage, please indicate your political commitment when making your reservation and send an email with a scan/photo of your membership certificate or membership card to politik@studentenwohnheime-muc.de within 2 days of making your reservation, otherwise we will delete your reservation. Listing alphabetically... Mitgliedsantrag Junge Union (CDU) Mitgliedsantrag JU Bayern (CSU) Mitgliedsantrag Junge Liberale (FDP) Mitgliedsantrag Jusos (SPD)

How are the rooms allocated?

The first person to reserve a room gets the room. This means that on some nights the big rush starts one minute after midnight. The "best" rooms and flats are logically gone the fastest. That's why it's often a kind of lottery in the end. However, since some rooms are reserved without obligation, and tenants always cancel at short notice, there is a lot of movement in the system. So it is worthwhile to check regularly to check regularly whether a room or flat has become available.

There are 2 types of reservation.

  • The non-binding reservation
    . You can even reserve our rooms without obligation. Up to 50 days before move-in it costs 10€ for 10 days, 50-41 days before move-in 10€ for 5 days, up to 20 days before move-in 4 days cost 15€, and up to 10 days before move-in 2 days cost 20€. The room/apartment is then reserved for you. (Recognizable by the orange MAYBE in the list). So that no one else can take the room away, the computer checks whether the telephone number has been entered exactly as it was when you first made your reservation. Your telephone number is the key, so to speak!
    There are no further costs for you. You secure a certain room or apartment for a certain period of time. If you do not make a binding reservation within this time, the reservation simply flies out. That's it..., no further costs!
  • The binding reservation
    With the binding reservation a rental contract is concluded. The reservation is also binding according to the Distance Delivery Act, among other things because the accommodation is provided at a specific time. A binding reservation costs 250'¬ reservation fee. This is debited at the time of reservation. There are no further costs at the time of reservation. Please note, however, that according to the rental contract you have to pay a deposit when you move in (which you will get back at the end of the rental period, as is usual with deposits), and during your rental period the rent has to be paid monthly at the latest on the 3rd of a month. If you are not sure whether you want to rent, do not make a binding reservation! If necessary, we offer you a non-binding reservation as an option.
How do I turn a non-binding reservation a binding reservation?
When you make a non-binding reservation you must enter a telephone number. This phone number is the key for the binding reservation.
In concrete terms: Simply click again on the flat you reserved without obligation and reserve it again using EXACTLY the same telephone number. Attention: Spaces and special characters are also compared. 089 30623-0 is different from (089) 895 209 00. If the telephone number entered matches, the system accepts the booking. Otherwise you will receive an error message that someone else has already reserved the flat.

The move-in:

If you already have an internet reservation or a rental contract, call 1-2 days before the move-in date. (usually the first of the month) call the caretaker 0049 89 30623-1111 and arrange a handover appointment. handover appointment. Further telephone numbers can be found on the tenancy agreement or in your reservation confirmation. Incidentally, it is usually not possible to move in before the 1st of the month. If necessary, you will have to clarify this yourself with the previous tenant, and even then it will only work if the room does not need to be renovated.

What do I need to bring with me?

Hygiene items, especially blankets and bed linen, towels and crockery and cutlery. you have to bring yourself. Also don't forget toilet paper, soap etc. for the first day.
The rooms are equipped with bed 90x200 cm (or occasionally sofa bed 140x200 cm) with mattress , chair, table, wardrobe, lighting, fridge with small freezer compartment. Internet via LAN means that you have to bring an Ethernet cable. with you.
Curtains or comparable privacy protection (e.g. roller blind)
are also available in the room.

The handover:
The room will be handed over ONLY ON PAYMENT OF THE DEPOSIT. If you wish to transfer the deposit, be sure to bring a stamped receipt from your bank, as it can take up to two weeks.., for our accounts department to see receipt of payment. Alternatively, you can bring the deposit in cash, You will then receive a receipt, which you must keep. If not already faxed or email (e.g. for internet reservations), you must also present your student ID and the training contract. (trainee contract). Once the formalities have been cleared, you will receive the keys.

In case of defects:
. If the room has any defects, you must report this as soon as possible for your own safety. Rule of thumb: In the first 14 days, the credibility that the defect was already there is of course highest. To claim a week before moving out that the glass pane has always been broken... that will not go well. The following principle applies: Normal wear and tear, i.e. a stain on the wall, a scratch in the floor... all that does not have to be reported. That is included in the flat rate anyway. For your own protection, you should report if you notice that the window pane is cracked, or a shelf has been broken out..., anything that looks like anything that looks like violence and not like living. Of course, you can also report if something needs to be repaired. For example, if the fridge is broken or a light bulb is defective.
The easiest way to report defects is to use our new complaints system:  Complaint management via the internet

The condition of the rooms when you move in:
. We try to check the rooms in the days before the move-in date, and carry out any necessary renovation work. The following applies: we do not renovate and paint every time a tenant moves out - that makes no sense, because often tenants stay for only a few months. Besides, this would not be affordable. Therefore we try to hand over a room/apartment in such a way that it has no defects worth mentioning and you don't have to have a guilty conscience. Depending on how your the room/apartment, it is also possible (very rare) that there is a "glitch" and we do not manage to renovate the room. not manage to renovate the room. In this case we try to find a solution together with you. Mostly by swapping, and you can move into another, tidy room.

On the subject of the Internet and television-TV

TV: Munich has switched to DVB-T, which means an old TV set remains dark. But this is not negative - because: you only need a decoder and a small indoor antenna. For well under 100 euros you can buy Decoder and indoor antenna (also for PC or LAPTOP). You can get a DVB-T USB stick for around 30 euros. DVB-T is considerably better - and the whole of Germany is currently being switched over. Your DVB-T card with including the indoor aerial, so you can continue to use it later. The Gabelsbergerstr. and the Clemensstr. 118 also have DVB-S (SATELIT), for which you need a DVB-S receiver.

All tenants automatically have internet. They do not have to register. Logging in and out are not necessary. Access works from 1 day before you move in until 3 days after you move out.

What do I have to pay attention to when using:
When using the houses, the technical equipment differs somewhat, but as a rule there are the following "principles":

Internet is available in all houses via LocalAeraNetwork or Wireless-LAN. The internet is monitored 24 hours/day and reacts very grumpily to file sharing and other mostly illegal use - to provide lush quality for you and the sensible.
Since the reception quality of WLAN is not equally good in every room, we have laid Ethernet cables in many cases - recognisable in the reservation by the text LAN instead of WLAN. In this case, you should bring a USB Ethernet adapter or your own router - if your PC no longer has a LAN socket. Many students use the cheap devices from TP-Link (e.g. TL-WR940N https://www.mediamarkt.de/de/product/_tp-link-tl-wr940n-wlan-2217400.html for about 23€). We use more professional devices from Mikrotik.
Look out for 5GHz WLAN or combination devices with 2 and 5GHz - because the 2GHz frequencies are overloaded in the city centre. But: With a lot of luck, you can even get internet via WLAN from us in addition to cable - but we cannot guarantee the quality of the wireless connection and you should bring an Ethernet cable.

Internet via WIFI/WLAN:
We now have roaming access points almost everywhere that work in the 2.4 GHz band (slow but better range) and in the 5 GHz band (faster but poorer range). These transmit with 2 SSID. They transmit under STUDENT....FREE (unencrypted) and under STUDENT.... as an encrypted version, which is a little more complicated to set up. to set up. (Password: academic). It is very easy to use: You set up a connection to our access points via WLAN or plug a network cable (CAT5) into the network socket in your flat. Then go to any website (e.g. www.google.de) and you will see our registration page. There you enter enter your VPN number (e.g. VPN1234) and your password (e.g. 1234) and click on SEND. either an error message (because your browser notices that we want to forward) or you get a page with the get a page with the message that you are now on the Internet. From now on you can use the use the Internet. If you have entered incorrect access data, our login page will come up again. NOTE: Use the detailed instructions on the Internet Infos hier.

Internet via cable

In Gabelsberger Strasse, in Clemensstr. 118 and in Emanuelstrasse, access to the internet is via LAN cable. access to the internet is via LAN cable. Attention: These are 8-wire cables. A normal Ethernet adapter - which every PC usually has as standard - is sufficient.
In this case, you should bring a USB Ethernet adapter or your own router - if your PC no longer has a LAN socket. Many students take the cheap devices from TP-Link (ca.30€). We use devices from Mikrotik (more complicated but more professional - also from 30€).

Whoever has LAN via cable - should use PPPOE. Especially all modern routers can modern routers can do PPPOE - follow the SETUP page of your router and look for PPPOE - it's professional and runs extremely stable.

Sometimes there is additional wifi in these flats. This is operated by us but not supported. In particular, reception quality is not guaranteed in the above-mentioned rooms. Because: cable is always better than radio.

In Munich, waste is collected separately. Pay attention to correct separation.
- Cardboard when moving in and out is taken to the city's containers
. - Paper in small quantities can be emptied into the BLUE paper bins
. - Glass will be taken to the City's containers.
- Organic waste (lettuce, fruit) NO MEAT! Will be disposed of in the brown organic waste bins.
- RESIDUE WASTE (No bottles, no paper) will be disposed of in the expensive grey/black bins.

The technology:
A bus system is in use at 118 Clemensstr. and Gabelsbergerstr.
The bus system is actually just a light switch. It can also be used to control the temperature. Fire alarms are sent to everyone via the bus. The temperature sensor detects fire... independently.
In case of absence, the system switches to an eco mode - and the temperature is lowered and unnecessary power consumers are switched off.
What does this thing do anyway?

Visit: Visits overnight must be announced! The easiest and most uncomplicated way to do this is via the internet site. No questions... just register!

Incidentally, the House rules

The termination:

Notice of termination must be given by registered letter or via the Internet. Your rent must continue to be paid despite termination. It can therefore not be offset against the deposit - this will be This will also be an expensive affair with reminders of 15 euros each! If you wish to terminate the tenancy agreement prematurely, please bear this in mind: Up to 80 days before the end of your tenancy, termination is usually no problem.
You can usually be released from the rental contract quickly because our system puts the room online IMMEDIATELY.
But please note:
Cancellation only works if your room has not yet been re-let, i.e. in any case up to 81 days before your regular rental end date. We always accept notices of termination with a notice period of 3 months. If your room has already been let, please call us. In many cases we can still find a solution by EXCHANGING a room. Subletting is absolutely not permitted!
A termination means for us in fact that we need employees to hand over the apartment and to renovate the room if necessary and to re-clean etc. Therefore, we cannot always guarantee terminations with less than 3 months' notice at short notice. Especially on public holidays (e.g. 31.12.) this only works if you move out in good time so that we have enough time to carry out the necessary work - talk to us if necessary - we will endeavor to find a reasonable solution.

The extension:

If you wish to extend your lease, the above applies mutatis mutandis. In the period from 90 days before the end of your lease to 81 days before the end of your lease, an extension is usually possible if your rent is is paid, and if you still meet the admission requirements. All this happens ONLINE via our system. If the room is already rented because you ask for an extension too late (80 day deadline), please call us. Even here we often still have possibilities, because sometimes we can still exchange rooms or apartments. or flats can be exchanged.
Please note, however, that our concept is to cover short-term needs, especially for interns. In order to rotation principle, extensions are usually only offered at more expensive conditions. offered. This is especially true for the 2nd and further extensions.
This is why our tip:
If the rental contract still runs for 82 days or longer, you can cancel your room/apartment without any problems. It will be put on the internet on the day you wish and as soon as a new tenant has been found, you are released from the rental contract. released from the tenancy agreement. Experience has shown that, with the exception of Christmas (15 December-15 January), the dormitory places are they are taken within a few days. In our experience, it is therefore better to sign a longer tenancy agreement. lease and to terminate it if necessary - than to extend a shorter lease if necessary.

When moving out:

When you move out, clean your room CLEARLY to avoid having money deducted from your deposit unnecessarily. By the way, we take a particularly close look at the washbasin with its tiled mirror and mirrored cupboards, as well as the kitchen, if there is one. the kitchen. But also the floor including the skirting boards must be clean. Wash your wash your bed or sofa cover. At 30 degrees gentle cycle (in the launderette because of the big drums) this is a simple matter. If you already have the new Grosanna bed systems, you can also wash your cover in a normal washing machine. in a normal washing machine. However, make sure you separate the cover and wash it in 2 halves. otherwise the cover will become stained. It will then look as if it has urine stains because the covers are are unbleached according to Oeko-Tex. With every wash with white detergent, they bleach out a little - but only where there is enough detergent. If you neglect to do this, we will take the cover to the to the cleaners, which costs Euro 20,-.

The deposit statement: We need about 5-6 weeks for the deposit statement. You will then receive your money transferred or a cheque. a cheque, and you will receive a deposit statement by post or, more recently, by e-mail. By the way, you can speed up the process a little if you complete the move-in and move-out reports yourself via the Internet. move-out protocol yourself via the Internet. Your electricity charges for the last month (if calculable) will be deducted from the deposit. This speeds up the settlement, because we don't have to wait until you have transferred the money.

If something doesn't work as it should
. We want you to be satisfied. If you are not satisfied with something - tell us. Only in this way can we maintain the quality in the long term. What is the best way to tell us?

- Technical problems with the internet: Call the internal telephone number 9999 (without 0 in front). This number is usually available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., because it may be forwarded to the mobile phone. mobile phone.
- Urgent technical problems with water, electricity, heating etc.:
You can reach our caretaker at 0049-89-30623-1111.
- Minor problems can be dealt with in the Complaint management online can be deposited.
- If you are not satisfied with the accounts or the staff, or would like to clarify anything else with the administration, please call 089-30623-0 on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays between 9:30 and 11:00. In particularly In particularly urgent cases, this number is also manned day and night - because you can be forwarded to mobile phones. But: This is only for particularly urgent cases.