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What else does a student home in Munich offer?

Welcome to Munich!

Munich is the capital of Bavaria. More than one million people live in Munich. It is the most popular city and a city in Germany with a high quality of life. Reasons are the high-quality industry with its well-paid jobs (BMW, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Siemens, Allianz and many more) as well as the leisure opportunities with mountains and lakes. But: Munich is still the safest big city in Germany. They say: Munich is the largest village in the world.

Munich offers a lot. If you're new to Munich, we can recommend the following programme points:


Bistro kantine_fest2

Boring? You don't know anyone in Munich yet

Our bistro is the first place to go when you come to Munich. Why? Because you are not alone there! Because many of our tenants come to Munich from far away and don't know anyone yet - and are happy when you come too. You're about the same age, have the same level, and are in the same situation. Perfect for the first small talk. And: english spoken!
The academic is in the student dormitory Clemensstr. 118, about 200 metres from the dormitory Emanuelstrasse - directly opposite the dormitory Clememensstr. 127

Kantine Studentenwohnheim Clemensstr.118

Das 5 Seen Land

An excursion to the 5 Lakes Region is always worthwhile in good weather. Herrsching can be reached quickly by S-Bahn (S5). It has a wonderful promenade and a lake of quasi drinking water quality. Because: The Ammersee has been placed under special protection as Germany's freshwater reserve. Only about 40 minutes by S-Bahn from Munich main station, you forget the stress and have a holiday day for little money. (The Riva (ice cream parlour) is a must among "Herrsching natives". "Goro" rents out pedal boats and rowing boats for a romantic tour on the lake (about 50 metres from the steamer pier in Herrsching). And you won't soon forget a steamboat trip with live music on a balmy summer evening.


Der Olympiapark

If you want to get there faster: The Olympic Park is just a few minutes' walk out of town along Schleißheimerstrasse. Its tent-roof construction is world-famous. This is also a good place to spend your free time when the weather is nice.


Muenchen Englischer Garten

Der Englische Garten

"If men were destined to be naked, they would have been born so. (Oscar Wilde)"
In Munich, you can. The English Garden is only a few minutes by bike from the dormitories and very popular. It is also famous because since the end of the 70's it was the first inner-city area where naked people are allowed.

Muenchen Englischer Garten

Der Biergarten

http://www.waldwirtschaft.de/ oder

A beer garden is a must when you're in Munich in summer. That is real Munich culture. All the prejudices people say and know about Munich people - there is one thing that distinguishes every real Munich person. His or her deep love for a real Munich beer garden. Don't forget to bring a tablecloth, because you're allowed to bring your own food to a beer garden. It's cheaper - and above all true to style. So you won't be recognised as a traveller !



The walk in the Alps

Garmisch is not far from Munich and is a great place to go, even without snow. Rustic Bavarian mountains with hearty huts. The Bavarian image may be a bit exaggerated - but it's still worth a trip.



Skifahren im Winter

Of course, there is also something special about Munich in winter. The Zugspitze is Germany's highest mountain (unfortunately also the most expensive!!). But in Garmisch there are of course other great mountains. e.g. the Hausberg



The Opera in Munich

The State Opera in Munich is also a good place to go if you are doing an internship in Munich for a few months. Don't just sit in a student dorm... Munich has a lot to offer culturally.



Das Nordbad

The Nordbad is a modern indoor swimming pool in the immediate vicinity of our halls of residence. It's a wonderful place to relax even in bad weather.



Campanula - Eurojapaner

In Gabelsbergerstrasse, about 100 metres from the dormitory, following the one-way street, there is a small restaurant that calls itself Eurojapaner. The restaurant is tiny. In a family environment, they have great homemade cakes and inexpensive exotic food.
. It's definitely worth a visit.
(Main course: from 13 euros)




Sports are part of a healthy life.
Particularly original and cool in Munich is Eisbach surfing.
You can surf on the wave of the Eisbach in Schwabing - and show off your skills. And if you don't like it that sporty. Watching is exciting.


You see: It's not just student accommodation that attracts you to Munich!