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The house rules in our student homes:

To ensure a peaceful and trusting cooperation within the houses all residents of our student homes have to respect each other, maintain the peace and security within the building, and treat the student home, especially the area outside the rooms respectfully. The residents of the student homes are also obligated to:

Keep the house clean

  1. Waste, such as kitche waste, paper, glass, aluminum or similar, may only be placed into the specified bins. In Munich you are required to separate your waste! This applies to all buildings. Especially paper and organic waste has to be put into the specified bins located in the yard of the buildings. Glass has to be placed into the specified containers provided by the city. You may only put non-recyclable waste into the bins labeled "Restmüll". The cardboard boxes used to move in and out of the apartment have to be put into the containers in the city.
  2. The entrance to the rooms has to be kept clean. You may put neither waste, nor furniture or similar outside of your rooms. You may not throw waste or other outside the windows. You may not place any object on the window sills OUTSIDE your window. You may not stick paper or similar on the windows.
  3. You should clean the floor in your rooms at least once per week. Keep the floor around the sinks dry, and keep the floor in general dry, especially in the rooms with lamination!
  4. You must keep the balconies in front of the rooms clean. Waste, bicycles, fridges or other may not be put onto the balconies. You may neither clean nor dry your laundry in your rooms or the hallways. The Emanuelstrasse and Clemensstrasse 118 are equipped with washing machines and dryers for this. Residents of rooms with shared kitchen and bathrooms are also obligated to:
    • Clean the toilet, shower and kitchen right after use. Especailly the showers have to be rinsed with cold, clear water after every use. The toilets have to be cleaned with the toilet brush and, if necessary, toilet paper after every use.
    • The kitchen has to be cleaned with a damp cloth after use.
  5. Smoking is absolutely forbidden in all rooms and apartments, as well as the common grounds (hallways, lifts, showers, toilets), except in the yard and the entrance areas (especially in the Clemensstr. and Gabelsbergerstrasse).

To keep the peace and quiet:

  1. Avoid distracting sounds of any kind. Radio and television should be kept at a resonable volume, and during use windows should be closed. Close the doors quietly.
  2. Invite friends in a way that does not disturb other residents - keep quiet in your rooms.
  3. Absolute silencce is to be kept from 22:00 until 6:00 o'clock.

Regarding the garden and yard:

  1. You may only use the garden together with maximum one other person from your apartment - this is to ensure that everyone has space. On exceptions you may also hold parties with more than 2 people. However, these have to be approved beforehand.
  2. The commonly used facilities, especially the chais, tables and grills are to be kept clean and tidy.
  3. You may only put your bikes and motorbikes on the designated places, and only if the owner is clear (for example by marking the bike with your name and room number). Unmarked objects will be removed!
  4. You may not place any other objects into the garden or yard.

To keep the grounds tidy:

  1. Visitors are only tolerated if they are registered.
  2. Pets of any kind are forbidden.
  3. Do not clog the showers, sinks and toilets: do not throw unusual waste into them and remove hairs from the sinks and showers. If you did clog the drains, call us. DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT YOURSELF! We already had three occasions, in which students did great damage by trying to unclog the drains themseles.
  4. Follow the newest regulations regarding environmental protection. Pay particular attention to your use of electricity: switch electric devices off when they are not needed. Try to save water and do not heat unnecessarily. Do not open your windows while heating - if you do, open them fully and only for a short period of time.
  5. Only use the lifts as regulated by the rules. Pay special attention not to overload them.
  6. Switch off any cooking devices immediately after use. You may not leave the kitchen while cooking or using any of the kitchen appliances.
  7. You are required to notify us immediately should you find defects or errors in any of the facilities. If you damage any facility by trying to fix it yourself or improper use, you are liable for the damage.
  8. Follow any direction given by the management or janitors/care-takers.