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The student residence in Munich

Who are we?

The site studentenwohnheime-muc.de is the homepage of the four student residences Emanuelstr. 18, Gabelsberger Str. 91 and Clemensstrasse 127 and Clemensstrasse 118 in Munich.

The student residence is privately run. It has no public sponsor. The administrators are Ina and Oliver Fendt.
Of course, this means that the rents are a little higher. But in return, you get top-run and uncomplicated halls of residence.

We have reliable contact persons and our employees draw on a gigantic pool of know how and machines.

With permanent craftsmen, we can handle almost all repairs ourselves and have our own stocks.


Quality management in student housing

What was originally one student hall of residence (Clemensstrasse 127) has, in the course of a few 4 of our own halls of residence over the course of a few years. In order to make this all work, we have been relying on a sustainable concept for a long time. For example, Clemensstrasse 118 was already promoted by the federal government as particularly efficient almost 15 years ago.
For us, sustainability also means that we want to learn from our mistakes - if we cannot avoid them. if we can't avoid them. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we are also available to our tenants by telephone. available to our tenants by telephone. Many problems can be solved quickly and easily if we talk to each other. But also our complaint management on the intranet and our quality assurance. ensure that you have an uncomplicated stay in Munich.

What else is different about another student residence in Munich?

Of course, the location is important for anyone looking for a flat in Munich. The halls of residence Emanuelstr. 18, Gabelsberger Str. 91 and Clemensstrasse are in prime locations in Munich - in Schwabing directly in the university quarter.


In addition, our system differs from other halls of residence. Our halls of residence can be booked online under certain conditions - which is why we have a large proportion of interns and foreign students.
So if you are doing an internship in Munich, you will quickly see the advantages. For a few months, you don't need to register for internet or electricity. You also don't have to worry about minimum contract periods. You also don't have to worry about furniture or renovation. renovation. You do your internship in Munich. With fun and time for other things than "paperwork"....

We take care of the many annoying things


We make sure that you have a tidy room or flat. That is our concept

...also there for you after the reservation.


If you have a problem, you can discuss your concern with our administration
Administration (089) 30623-0
Caretaker central call (089) 30623-1111
... or you can use our online system
. There you can call up rental cost statements yourself - or your registration confirmation, e.g. for BAFÖG and other grants. for BAFÖG and other offices.

We are supported by trained staff (no unqualified 400€ helpers), a property management programme specially management programme with electronic document management and extensive online systems for the tenants. online systems for the tenants - and last but not least by the tenants themselves, whose feedback ensure that we are constantly developing further.


Our online system

Our online system Our online system is extremely comprehensive and truly ONLINE.
You can view the accounts at any time, retrieve current confirmations, view your documents, etc.
You can also terminate and extend your tenancy agreement yourself online.

You can reach us...

Hausverwaltung Studentenwohnheime
Oliver und Ina Fendt
Wartaweil 32
D-82211 Herrsching

Unsere Computersysteme werden verwaltet von:
EVI Einkaufsverbund KG
Wartaweil 32
D-82211 Herrsching

Oliver Fendt

Telephone: for enquiries about available apartments


You want to ask if there is a room available after all?

You can save yourself and us this question.

We, too, can only look in our open online system. Unfortunately, there are no hidden rooms and no waiting list.

You already have a reservation and have questions or problems?

We are happy to help you. Our office hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9:30-11:30
. You can reach a competent contact person under the telephone number +49-89-895 209 00 or +49-89-30623-0.

Telephone number for collections and technical problems

If you already have a tenancy agreement, you should arrange a move-in appointment with the caretaker 1-2 days before the move-in date. He will give you the key and arrange the move-in. The caretaker will also fix technical problems such as a blocked pipe. Here it is best to enter this in the complaints management.

In urgent cases, however, you can reach the caretaker day and night on our central caretaker number.
The telephone number for this is: +49-89-30623-1111.

Please do not ask any administrative questions - the caretaker does not have access to the computer system and is not authorised to answer administrative questions.


Email, Anti-SPAM.

How to send us an email:

Because of the flood of SPAM and viruses, we filter emails. To make sure that emails reach us, please write X-FREE-SPAM in the subject of your email.

oliver@oliver-fendt.de (X-FREE-SPAM do not forget)

Imprint and official information

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