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About us...

Studentenwohnheime-muc.de is the homepage of the student residences Emanulestr. 18, Clemensstr. 118 and Clemensstr. 127 as well as Gabelsberger Str. 91. All student residences are centrally located, close to the university. The student residences are managed by Oliver and Ina Fendt with a team of several permanent caretakers.

Studentenwohnheim Clemensstr. 127

The student residence Clemensstr. 127 is a listed building in Schwabing, about 200 metres from Hohenzollernplatz. It has a total of 30 apartments, most of them renovated. All fully furnished with private bathroom and a kitchenette with fridge in the room. Apartment size: approx. 15 - 25 sqm
. The building is asymmetrically divided, and the floors differ somewhat! Since recently, however, 3D views are available when making reservations. All apartments have Internet via WLAN - some additionally LAN via Ethernet cable. It is directly opposite the new building at Clemensstr. 118 - about 20 metres - so that you can use the infrastructure of the new building. Especially the spacious common rooms, the garden, the Bistro and the washing machines.

Studentenwohnheim München Clemensstrasse 127


Old building, high rooms spacious ambience
. Apartments with private bathroom. House very clean. Also smaller (cheap) apartments
. New: infrastructure such as washroom and canteen of Clemensstr. 118 can be used - only 20 metres away
. Very calm, quiet environment


Little contact with neighbours
(now somewhat better due to theAkademiker)

Student Residence Emanuelstr. 18

The student dormitory Emanuelstr. 18 was built as a student dormitory from the beginning. built from the outset. It is about 50 metres away from Hohenzollernplatz, and in a quiet residential street. This makes it the best location of all the halls of residence. There is also a large garden where we often have a barbecue in the summer. Like all our halls of residence, it has been regularly renovated. In the last few years, the front building has been extended and its energy efficiency upgraded. energetically. In the rear building there are still some rooms with washbasins in the rooms. The shower, toilet and kitchen are shared by four students in the corridor. The location is the house is clean and tidy. It is still within walking distance to our Bistro (about 5 min. on foot).

Neue Fassade mit bodenebenen Fenstern Emanuelstrasse 18


Best location, quiet, large garden
. Also cheap rooms for the small purse fully furnished
. Lots of contact with other students and interns


No private bathroom in the back building (kitchen and bathroom are cleaned by cleaning staff 2 times a week).
Not always quiet, because in a student dormitory there are also parties

Students' Residence Gabelsberger Str. 91

The rather small building has 18 apartments, mostly 1 1/2 rooms, all fully furnished, with private bathroom and kitchenette with refrigerator. It consists of a rear building with rather funny maisonettes (ground floor + 1st floor), and 3 apartments per floor on the main apartments per floor in the main building. (1 1/2 room and 2 1/2 room apartments). Technically it is state of the art. A BUS system for light, doorbell and heating for example automatically recognises when the apartment is not being used and automatically regulates the heating automatically to energy-saving mode. Cat5 cables provide Ethernet in every room rooms, and newly tiled bathrooms and larger rooms make every student's heart beat faster. student's heart beat faster. It is only 200 metres from the TU and the FH. The apartments were renovated in 2003-2005, and the location is ideal for students. By the way, some of the apartments can be rented for 75. Euro/month surcharge, you can also live in some apartments as a couple. The apartments are large enough - but the open layout is only interesting for couples. The apartments are not suitable for shared flats.


Modern infrastructure (Tel, DSL, Digital-Sat)
Large apartments
Best location to TU and FH


The most expensive of the 3 dormitories

Studentenwohnheim München Gabelsberger Str. 91

The apartments front building Gabelsberger Strasse:

Red: 2 1/2 room flat (flat 1 e.g. G21)

Blue (centre) Large 1 1/2 room flat (flat 2 e.g. G22)

Green (Left) 1 1/2 room flat e.g. G23

All flats with private bathroom and kitchenette


Students' Residence Munich Clemensstrasse 118

We took over the student residence at Clemensstrasse 118 in December 2007. It has since been almost completely renovated and converted into a low-energy building. It has 105 apartments, all with private bathrooms and mini-kitchens. It will also have spacious communal facilities. It is certainly the most modern of the 4 houses. What is special about 118 Clemensstr.


Everything new, modern infrastructure
Small (inexpensive) flats all with private bathroom and mini-kitchen
Spacious common rooms with own club ("Der Akademiker")


Small rooms
Not always quiet, because in a student dormitory people sometimes party

Studentenwohnheim München Typische Aufteilung

Clemensstr. 118, Here: B19
A bird's eye view of a typical flat at 118 Clemensstr.
Top left: Bathroom (see photo) with lots of granite, mirror, glass, bed, desk with designer chair and desk lamp, shelf, PAX wardrobe with partition, kitchen with ceramic hob.

Studentenwohnheim Clemensstr. 118 Übersicht

Student residence at Clemensstrasse 118

A bird's eye view of Clemensstr. 118

Bäder mir Glas und Granit

All flats have great bathrooms with granite. The standard apartments except the attic (2. number 5) have modern glass walls. This makes the rooms extremely stylish!

The facilities in the halls of residence:

The equipment is almost always:

Ausstattung der Wohnheime

A bed (90*200 cm) with branded slatted frame and mattress , 1 desk, at least 1 chair (depending on size), large wardrobe (usually PAX 100cm wide). here: Clemensstrasse 127, C12

Ausstattung der Wohnheime

All rooms have their own refrigerator, the apartments have a kitchenette with refrigerator and 2 hotplates. Furthermore, all rooms have fast internet (WLAN or LAN - depending on the room) - which is also suitable for home office.

Depending on the dormitory and room, a minni kitchen, dining table and other things can be added.

Ausstattung der Wohnheime

Here: One of our small rooms in Emanuelstrasse: R14


Not in the room are: All hygiene items such as towels, plates, pots and bedspread etc.

All inclusive!

We are occasionally asked why all rooms are "so expensive". The answer is explained relatively quickly:
  • All the houses are in absolute prime locations in Munich. Of course, a room in Hasenbergl or Pasing is cheaper than in the middle of Schwabing.
  • Our halls of residence are much cleaner and better maintained than some other accommodation - if there are any problems, for example, you can report your concerns to the complaints management. An SMS notifies the administration and the caretaker immediately. A service that brings you advantages.
  • No hidden costs. When you move in, you move into a furnished flat, already have electricity and internet arranged and don't have to worry about anything. And: It doesn't matter whether the room is 10 sqm or 50 sqm - many costs always remain the same... Rubbish and hot water for showers, for example, do not become cheaper just because the room is smaller. Therefore, a room/apartment becomes proportionally cheaper the bigger it gets.
  • No deductions from the deposit. We only deduct something from the deposit in 2 exceptional cases. 1) If the room is not cleaned. The amounts are usually not high! and: 2) If the tenant has handled the room so badly that it is beyond reason. Otherwise NO deductions from the deposit, no commission, nothing. So you know what to expect beforehand.

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